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id ▼ description date url rg_id city county chronicler_name title factums motives postal_code state latitude longitude address age official tags contexts orig_county orig_city country orig_address district street house_number point_geom
3204 Volksverhetzung §130 StGB 2018-06-09 00:00:00.000000 leuchtlinie-50a35784b6b484a325b120fd5f86dd72 Stuttgart Stuttgart LEUCHTLINIE Straftat gegen Geflüchtete     70178 Baden-Württemberg 48.76778 9.17203             Stuttgart Deutschland         <Binary data: 60 bytes>

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CREATE TABLE incidents (
	description TEXT, 
	date DATETIME, 
	url TEXT, 
	rg_id TEXT, 
	city TEXT, 
	county TEXT, 
	chronicler_name TEXT, 
	title TEXT, 
	factums TEXT, 
	motives TEXT, 
	postal_code TEXT, 
	state TEXT, 
	latitude TEXT, 
	longitude TEXT, 
	address TEXT, 
	age TEXT, 
	official BOOLEAN, 
	tags TEXT, 
	contexts TEXT, orig_county TEXT, orig_city TEXT, country TEXT, orig_address TEXT, district TEXT, street TEXT, house_number TEXT, "point_geom" POINT, 
	CHECK (official IN (0, 1))
CREATE INDEX ix_incidents_8bf74999a70a0675 ON incidents (rg_id);
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